Short Stack
Short Stack Volume 3

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Produced - Echelon
Duration ≈ 101 min
Chastine (12 min): In a world of thugs and strangers, a girl has to rely on her wits... and a pair of roller skates. Copzone (20 min): Officer John Halloway is about to have the worst birthday ever... Delphine, The Baker's Assistant (13 min): Overworked and under appreciated, can Delphine make her life turn around with one phone call? Dual (13 min) : Dancin' Jasper Dean is about to have an encounter with destiny at the country fair! Lori & Cathy Get Married (18 min): Two women celebrate their long awaited marriage in San Francisco, in the historic days of February, 2004 The Reunion (2004) : A businesswoman and a homeless man rekindle their college love affair.
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