Propaganda Part 2 - Fascist Barbarians
A Lesson Not Learned (Urok Ne Vprok)(English Subtitles) / Урок не впрок

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Year -
Director - В. Караваев / V. Karavaev
Produced - Soyuzmultfilm / Союзмультфильм
Duration ≈ 5 min
Categories Cartoons
Based on caricatures by Boris Yefimov, who is interviewed in Part 4 of the series. This film was made in reaction to “revanchism” – fear that Germany would reunite and seek revenge on Europe and the USSR for World War II. A disguised Nazi slips into the US zone of divided Germany. The Americans nurse him back to health as he plots how to reunite the Fatherland. His plans are ruined when he runs headlong into the Berlin Wall, erected by the USSR between East and West Berlin in 1961. Vladimir Paperny: The Soviet Union invested millions of dollars as we now know into supporting the peace movement. They supported the disarmament movement and they supported the anti-nuclear movement. German “revanchism” was one of these buzz words that was supposed to win over young left-wing people in the west.
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