Hoota & Snoz III
Hoota & Snoz III Episode 1 of 26

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Year -
Director - David Gurney
Produced - RTV Family Entertainment
Duration ≈ 1 min
Categories Cartoons
Hoota and Snoz are two long-nosed creatures who live in a constant state of sibling rivalry. Hoota is more boisterous and usually instigates most of the disputes. Unfortunately for poor Hoota his impatience regularly gets him into all sorts of trouble. Snoz is somewhat quieter but can often be quite sneaky. Snoz is always quick to orchestrate the inevitable disasters that befall Hoota. Most of the episodes take place at the breakfast table but there is also bickering in the bath and in the lounge room in front of the television. Hoota and Snoz have their own special language and their squabbling is highlighted by argumentative sound effects, facial expressions and defiant gestures. Episode 1: Goin’ My Way? SNOZ is walking along, whistling, his thumb extended. HOOTA putters past on his scooter. He pulls up ahead and beckons SNOZ, offering a lift. SNOZ accepts, but just as he reaches the scooter, HOOTA takes off, snickering. Annoyed, SNOZ keeps walking, mumbling to himself. Suddenly... toot, toot... HOOTA overtakes SNOZ. He stops, again offering a lift. SNOZ doesn’t believe it. He turns away and folds his arms, disinterestedly. But HOOTA, insistent, promises he won’t drive off. He backs his scooter up, to show he’s serious. SNOZ, falls for it. He moves forward and starts to climb on but HOOTA roars off laughing... laughing so hard he doesn’t notice a grandfather clock ahead. CRaSh... HOOTA falls stiffly onto his back. The grandfather clock topples onto him and smashes to pieces. HOOTA is badly tangled in the wrecked clock. SNOZ ambles past, whistling. HOOTA gives a pathetic “toot, toot”.
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