Hoota & Snoz II
Hoota & Snoz II Episode 9

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Year -
Director - Tim Adlide, David Gurney
Produced - RTV Family Entertainment
Duration ≈ 1 min
Categories Cartoons
Hoota and Snoz are a pair of cute, long nosed characters that live in a constant state of sibling rivalry. Bickering breaks out on a regular basis - at the breakfast table, in the bath and while watching TV. Hoota is slightly larger, quite impatient and usually the instigator of the disputes. Snoz is more gentle but becomes assertive when irritated by Hoota and derives considerable enjoyment from predicaments that regularly befall Hoota. Episode 1: Who Gives a Toss? HOOTA and SNOZ are at the breakfast table. SNOZ tips the Cereal Box, and a Magic Marker falls out. HOOTA snatches it and draws a Firecracker with lit fuse. It becomes real. He tosses it at SNOZ. SNOZ quickly snatches up the Magic Marker and erases HOOTA’S firecracker. He draws a bigger Firecracker and tosses it at HOOTA. HOOTA erases SNOZ’S firecracker and draws an enormous Firecracker. It is too heavy to lift. HOOTA just manages to heave it above his head when it explodes. A blackened and sooty HOOTA is left holding the air where the Firecracker had been.
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