Gumdrop Episode 3 Gumdrop Finds a Ghost

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О фильме
Студия - RTV Family Entertainment
Продолжительность ≈ 6 мин
Категории Мультфильмы
О фильме
Mr. Oldcastle, his grandson Dan and Horace have gone on holiday in Gumdrop. The weather is awful at the seaside and Dan is reading a book about pirates. “Use your imagination” says Mr. Oldcastle and suddenly they are set upon by pirates, who run off when Gumdrops engine starts. They pal up and are taken in Gumdrop to find a rival pirate who is also looking for buried treasure. Mr. Oldcastle gets the pirates to share the treasure and all is well. Mr. Oldcastle is given some brandy for his pains and Horace chases the pirates’ parrot. The pirated depart; it is imagination? When Mr. Oldcastle tidies up after their picnic, there, on the back seat of Gumdrop, is a brandy bottle, a doubloon and a pirate’s hat. And Horace has a parrot’s feather.
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