Favorityi Lunyi
Favorites of the Moon (Favorityi Lunyi) Episode 1 of 2 / Фавориты Луны Серия 1 из 2

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Year -
Director - Οtar Iosseliani / Отар Иоселиани
Produced - Sovinfilm
Duration ≈ 49 min
In a potter’s workshop, porcelain plates are being made and decorated. In his studio, a painter is making a painting of a reclining woman. Thus begins the life of objects throughout the different ages. A set of plates is auctioned off to Mme Laplace, while the painting is bought by police commissioner Duphour-Paquet. The arms trafficker Laplace makes an important deal with an Arab, to buy him a bomb from Gustave, an arms manufacturer whom Laplace knows. Living in Gustave’s house is Cola, a professional thief, and his son Julien, an apprentice thief. Colas and Julien steal the painting from Duphour-Paquet’s house. The painting ends up in the home of Mme Laplace, and in is then sold to punk rock singer... Venice Film Festival 1984 Award-nGrand Special Jury Prize (Otar Iosseliani) / Картина XIX века и китайский фарфор XVIII века попадают в водоворот интриг, афер, законных и не очень манипуляций дюжины персонажей из самых разных слоев общества - от воришек и проституток до звезд панк-рока и террористических группировок с неясными целями и задачами. Большой специальный приз жюри на МКФ в Венеции, 1984. Приз Форума в Берлине, 1984. Приз католического киноцентра, 1984.
Katja Rupe, Alix de Montaigu, Pascal Aubier, Hans Peter Cloos, Maite Nahyr, Jean-Pierre Baeuviala / Катя Рупе, Аликс де Монтегю, Франсуа Мишель, Жан-Пьер Бовиала
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