African Diaries Episode 1 of 13 Foxwood House & Sediba Lodge

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Year -
Director - Jan Growenwald
Produced - Zyron Pictures
Duration ≈ 26 min
Categories Documentary
Located in the wildest corners of Africa, the places visited in this extraordinary new series convey the diversity of the African continent. Narrated by actress Sandra Prinsloo (The Gods Must Be Crazy), we are guided around the most beautiful retreats in Africa (if not the world!), told of its past, engaged in nearby adventures and, finally, left with the urge to seek out these places for ourselves. Some of the highlights are: Camp Jabulani – private game reserve specializing in African Elephant Safaris Sabi Sabi – Lion kills and leopards in Sabi Sands Reserve, next to the Kruger National Park Marlin Lodge – Bazaruto Archipelago, Mocambique Stanley & Livingstone at Victoria Falls - Victorian elegance, in the heart of the African bush Deception Valley - Central Kalahari Desert; Bushman trails and culture; The Gods Must Be Crazy experience. Not two hours from the sprawling city of Johannesburg you will find Foxwood House. Designed for one of the leading pioneers of the motor industry in 1933 by David Fleming, the homestead and gardens are essentially unchanged. In the Waterberg north of Johannesburg you find a piece of paradise. The sounds, sights and colours of the Waterberg have inspired artists, writers and poets.
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