Hip World Episode 1 of 22 Brittany I

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О фильме
Год -
Режиссер - Max Biasiol
Студия - Pangea Island Productions
Продолжительность ≈ 26 мин
Категории Документальные
О фильме
What is a HIP WORLD? It is a world you can visit from your armchair where the funkiest of the world’s hotels expect you. A world where you can always get a drink at the hippest bars in the most fashionable resorts. HIP WORLD is a place you can escape to. Each of the European destinations featured is covered in two episodes of this stylish and thoroughly modern series (both in presentation and format). Perfect weather, exotic food and breathtaking surroundings await… Geraldine starts her discovery of Hip European places from Brittany, France. From the medieval Vannes and its colorful fishing market, its little peculiar streets, its magnificent fortress Geraldine moves around the region.
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