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Elianochka, 3-й сезон планируется на 2020 год. Админ.

tonybellasf, вряд ли, это конец, учитывая популярность сериала, но никаких известий о 5-м сезоне ещё нет. Админ.

galina58, missing episodes will be replaced ASAP. Admin.

Feba, недостающие серии будут заменены как можно быстрее. Админ.

Будет ли Мылодрама 3?


6th episode does,not work . please fix it .

Is this the ehd Is this the end ? Awful and horrible, doesn't make any sense !!! Sorry

Very. very good movie!!!###!!!$$$!!!%%%,,,,,,,...…..

Ochen' xoroshii fil'm! Spasibo ogromnoe!

Admin, "Чернобыль: Зона отчуждения, Season 1" - ни одно видео не работает. Пишет "The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported."

Very, very nice! Happy end!

Живя в на Западе, могли бы из уважения не помещать эту антиамериканскую пропаганду.

Hi Admin, I think it is time to become more use friendly for your loyal customers and implement 1.- a line which says how many episodes are already available to watch 2.- to introduce symbol "dont like" or dont love" , whatever suits, would be beneficial or alternatively to introduce a rating score ,let say out of 5 stars what your Customers would choose to rate the movie. This could save lots of time and would be more informative than your current rating system-"i love/like" symbol. (see Cheers

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