Walking The Walk
Walking The Walk

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Director - Troy B. Evins
Produced - Echelon
Duration ≈ 89 min
Categories Comedy
Inspired by his eight-going-on-35-year old son Danny, Troy dives into his obsession of filmaking with everything he has and sets out to make a movie on a $7.000 dollar budget. He takes storylines from his own life and from his mutant cast of character's. Recreating their hopes and dreams for everyone to see. The group of knuckleheads includes, Felix, Troy's childhood buddy from New York. Ricky a.k.a The Cuban Cannon-an obese cab driver/Stand-up comedian who is the ultimate chick magnet. Jeannie, the hot girl Troy "discovers" and is going to try and make a star. And finally Shane, the temperamental young actor who has been in Hollywood for a whole year and still cant belive he hasnt made it big yet! "Star Cameos" and other oddball characters make their way ontot the screen in this suprisingly heartfelt and emotional spoof that keeps you laughing throghout and rooting for Troy as he tries to back up his talk and start.
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