Tinsel Town
Tinsel Town

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Year -
Director - Kenneth Del Vechhio
Produced - Echelon
Duration ≈ 97 min
Categories Crime/Gangster
After criminal mastermind Cracker Jack (Paul Taylor) and his offbeat band of cronies pull off a daring counterfeiting heist, the dubius residents of Tinsel Town all want a piece of Jack's stolen money. The stakes for Jack and his gang rise as they try to elude Tinsel Town's corrupt police chief (Gene Torinoni), FBI Agent Hal McNamara (Ed Fry) and Jack's own girlfriend, Officer Lillian Bestaway (Sharon Avendano) who hides a dangerous secret. As tensions mount and each character falls further into web of greed, the question becomes who will end up with the money?
Paul Taylor, Gene Terinoni
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