Through The Lens- The dream America tour
Through The Lens- The dream America tour

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Year -
Director - Maria-Elena P. Pineda
Produced - Echelon
Duration ≈ 44 min
3 Kids - 22 States - 22 Days- and one Dream... to develop their personal best and share themselves with the world. "Trough the lens" is a visual diary of young photojournalists who hail from the artistic city of Venice, California. During the summer 2001, they set out on an adventure that affects them for the rest of teir lives. Armed with their cameras, film, and the excitement of the open road, the group leaves Los Angeles and begins their cross-country trek. It's a non-stop journey that also serves as a traveling classroom for these talented photographers. From historic Route 66 and the breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon to "political awareness" in the Midwest to the fourth of July in Philadelphia, they travel to more places in three weeks than most kids their age. For 22 days, Producer Maria-Elena P. Pineda and D.P. Doug Archer shadowed the Venice Dream Team, covering over seven thousand miles. The Venice Dream Team takes unconventional means to report on and explore the world around them. They are a self-sustaining entity who are a resounding positive voice of today's youth. They have traveled to 11 countries- documenting people, cultures, and events ranging from the Academy Awards to the Olympics to Easter Sunday Mass at the Vatican. "Through the Lens - The Dream America Tour" paints a video canvas of the variety of people, cultures, and landscapes of the United States while taking an inspiring look at today's youth and the possibilities of following their dreams. Join them and go "through the lens" while they encounter learning experiences, new friendships, challenges, and even discoveries about themselves. As long as you hold on to a dream- anything is possible.
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