The Valley Of Tears
The Valley Of Tears

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Year -
Director - Peter Engert
Produced - Echelon
Duration ≈ 87 min
Categories Drama Thriller
While ADAM - Ezra Sutton (Shag, Fight Gravity) is helplessly dying at the hands of his ex-friend, LOCK - Dominick Daniel (Hitman's Handbook) GOD begins to speak to him and lets him know that he has a chance to make his life better, but only if he can change his murderer's path and get Lock to regret his sins. Throughout Adam's journey, he can see everything and everyone, but he can't hear or communicate with them. The only way Adam can succeed in his plan is to get Lock emotionally, through his soul by reintroducing Lock to his old girlfriend, with whom he had a daughter. Adam also has the challenge of watching his wife EVA - Gabi Gubas (Rosie's Songs, You and Me) and daughter Emily, go through life without him. When Lock decides to kill Adam's family, a battle between fantasy and reality ensues with Adam also having to deal with his ex-partner DAVID, falling in love with his wife, EVA. Adam through his conversations with God, realizes that in life, he wasn't perfect and in some ways, he was no better than his enemy.
Ezra Sutton, Dominick Daniel, Gabi Gubas
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