The Friggin' Mafia Movie
The Friggin' Mafia Movie

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Year -
Director - Carlos Negrete
Produced - Echelon
Duration ≈ 65 min
Categories Comedy
Hollywood tough guy Richard Lynsh stars in this gutsy award-winning indie film. Filmmakers struggle to pull a team of wannabe actors together for his new Mafia movie. After a stint of quitting actors, Vance is forced to CAST the CREW members in his film in a last ditch effort to save the production. As the team of wannabe filmmakers struggle, Lynch grows angrier by the second when Vance decides to change the ending of the movie in the middle of production. When the role of "Joey the Hitman" goes to goofy, craft service dude Chicago, Vance's movie takes a surprising twist. Chicago soon finds himself in the LINE OF FIRE after discovering that Lynch has taken the filmmakers hostage. To make matters worse, Executive Producer Dan L. Connolly is shot by Lynch and his men after a botched escape attempt. Chicago witnesses the shooting and is uncertain if the calamity around him is a scene from the movie or in fact REAL LIFE, as the high flying airplane stunts and fast moving bullets set the action packed pace for "The Friggin' Mafia Movie".
Rich Amooi, Shawn Flanagan, Dan L.Connoly
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