The Bravery: Slow Poison
The Bravery: Slow Poison

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The Bravery is back with “Slow Poison” the first single off the band’s new album Stir The Blood, which is available now. The Bravery named the album Stir the Blood, a line from the song “Jack-O’-Lantern Man;” it’s an expression which means to awake passions, get the blood moving. Also, the name reflects the dark, even violent undercurrent to many of the songs. “Synesthesia is when your brain sees music as colors. That is what my brain does, and these are the colors I see when I hear this song.As in the song, the astronaut is lost, searching for his angel. Except, in the video she’s a sexy space cyber solaris siren. In Space.” Sam Endicott.
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