Tenfold. The Price of a Secret
Tenfold. The Price of a Secret

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Director - Zachery Zises
Produced - Echelon
Duration ≈ 108 min
Categories Drama
First-time writer-director Zises creates an intriguing moral allegory with this tale of treachery and redemption. Former not-shot lawyer David Rasky (Tim Decker) has just returned from a two-year sabbatical traveling around the world to gain some much-needed perspective on his life. Upon this return, he reaches out to help those in need, including grieving father Bobby (Joe Forbrich), whose young daughter was killed in a hit-and-run accident several years earlier, and hard-drinker bartender Pam (Holli Hornilien), who is trying to get a new lease on life by earing her college degree. After wooing Pam for several months and conceiving a child with her, David finally thinks his life is on the right track. But when Bobby and Pam discover that David's arrival into their lives was not as accidental as it seemed, both must decide whether David is the fortuitous benefactor he appears to be, or whether his heart conceals a darker motive.
Tim Decker, Holli Hornlien, Joe Forbirch
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