Riddle of the Bradshaws, The
Riddle of the Bradshaws, The

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О фильме
Режиссер - Paul Roy
Студия - TVF International
Продолжительность ≈ 52 мин
Категории Документальные
О фильме
The Bradshaws are possibly the oldest known cave paintings of humans, found in the beautiful Kimberley region of Australia. They are sophisticated and graceful drawings, depicting highly decorated figures adorned with tassels, delicate jewellery and elaborate headdresses. The film follows the 25 year crusade by the controversial researcher and the world’s leading authority on the Bradshaws, Grahame Walsh, who has spent half a lifetime trying to establish the origin of the paintings and to decipher what he believes is a hidden language. We accompany Grahame into the remote and rugged Kimberley region - a land of extremes, with temperatures over 50° C, salt water crocodiles and 10 metre tides. We also visit an archaeological dig in Flores, Indonesia, where other scientists are trying to unravel parts of the same mystery.
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