Transporter / Перевозчик

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Year -
Director - Corey Yuen
Produced - TF1 Films Productions, Canal+ fr, Europa Corp.
Duration ≈ 89 min
Categories Action/Adventure
A former soldier, Frank Martin, now living a solitary existence in France, Frank runs a private business as a "Transporter" a hired criminal whose job is to transport cargo, packages and passengers without question. Playing by the rules, Frank is the best in the business and he has never broken the rules. Until, Frank is hired by an American criminal known as "Wall Street" to deliver a package. Frank's curiosity leads him to break the rules, and he discovers the package he is delivering to Wall Street is a Chinese woman named Lai. Learning that Frank broke the rules and learn about Lai, Wall Street sends his mercenaries to assassinate him. With his own life in danger, Frank takes it upon himself to protect not only himself, but Lai, as he agrees to help Lai rescue enslaved people from China, who are being smuggled into France by Wall Street helped by Lai's father.
Джейсон Стэтем, Мэтт Шульц, Ки Шу, Франсуа Берлен, Рик Янг
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