More Than You
More Than You

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Год -
Режиссер - Richard Taylor
Студия - Richard Taylor
Продолжительность ≈ 78 мин
Категории Романтика
О фильме
When one of his client can't afford his fees,a big time Las Vegas child custody lawyer accepts a house as a suitable substitute.It is in this house that the lawyer meets Opal Dunn, a deeply religious woman who has a premonition about his family's destruction ,but who believes that all things will pass if you have faith.Around the same time,his life falls apart,as his wife leaves him for multi-millionaire and his daughter overdoses on cocaine.Things don't get much better,as the lawyer himself ends up fighting for his life against a corrupt sherrif.It takes the lawyer remembering Opal's teaching for him to be able to overcome hardships. This is a compelling story of a man's love for his family,as he goes from arrogance to humanity and into a journey of faith.
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Mary Daniels,Angela Joy,Jan Felt,Richard Taylor,Michael Kranz,Lindsay moore
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