Missing Link
Missing Link

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Year -
Director - Ger Poppelaars
Produced - Frank Bak , Wolfgang Herold , René Huybrechtse ,Je
Duration ≈ 88 min
Categories Comedy Kids/Family
MISSING LINK is the story of a dreamy eleven-year-old boy named Rick, who lives with his mother Lydia in a small town in the Netherlands. Rick never knew his father, an RAF pilot - he was shot down in the war when Rick was an infant. It is now 1955. At school, Rick sees a film about the Congo and comes under the spell of Darkest Africa. He reads in a newspaper that an expedition led by Professor Oudewetering will set out from Brussels to the Congo in search of the "Missing Link." Rick is convinced that the expedition is searching in the wrong place and runs away from home to visit the professor in person. During the chaotic journey, he reads his mother's old diary. What Rick finds in his mother's memoirs causes his world to collapse and forces Rick to take a big step towards growing up...
Nick van Buiten , Tamar van den Dop , Johan Leysen ,Thomas Acda , Viviane de Muynck
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