Marina Monster
Marina Monster

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Year -
Director - Christine Whitlock
Produced - Christine Whitlock
Duration ≈ 72 min
Categories Documentary
Earl Molar,an employee at the center for inland waters is puzzled by the recent and inexplicable depletion of fish from his local marina.As the annual "Around the Bay"sailing race draws nearer ,however,Earl discovers that the culprit behind short age of fish is, in fact, a deadly bull shark brought to the marina by a freighter.Furthermore, Earl's life is complicated by his love for the lovely Oceanna Anchor and the meddling of newspaper reporter Lola Dent,who is investigating the fiances of Earl's father Drip.To make matter worse, Earl discovers that Drip's depending upon the prize money from the race to pay off his massive debts.Now the Earl and the love of his life, Oceanna, must try to convince their parents, the owners of two local feuding yacht clubs, to listen their warning about the now hungry teenage bull shark and stop the vicious attacks before they becomes it's victims.
Trevor Crane, Michelle Haise,Ray Kohler,Andre Ciere,Ilene Elkaim,Scott Broe,Allen Swerling
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