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О фильме
Год -
Режиссер - Paulo Diaz
Студия - Paulo Diaz
Продолжительность ≈ 80 мин
Категории Триллер
О фильме
Stephanie, a young hospital worker, has just relocated from Aurora, Illinois, and settled into her new apartment. Upon her arrival she befriends Paul, the new maintenance man at her apartment complex, who is only too happy to help the new resident move in. But, just how much can you trust someone you just met, especially when he has access to freely wander the halls of your building, and keys to enter your apartment at any time? The maintenance man is responsible for keeping things in working order - but what happens when his idea of order runs contrary your own?
В ролях
Mark Masten, Melissa Debaca, Rondi Temple, Justin Frumkes, Doc Pingree, Alisha Patterson, Louise Warner, Marya Sylva, Heith C. Heine, and Seth Spitler
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