Little Indiscretions
Little Indiscretions

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О фильме
Режиссер - Craig Lew
Студия - Echelon
Продолжительность ≈ 83 мин
Категории Драма
О фильме
CJ is having a bad day. After flying all the way from New York to London to be with her rock star fiance, Johnny Templer, CJ ends up alone at Pub Underground. Johny's addiction to his adoring fans is stronger than his love for CJ. Time for a Bushmills. The bartender, Murray, witnesses the below-off and although CJ's demeanor is "tough and edgy", Murray can sense her vulnerability. Attempting to brighten CJ's spirits, Murray becomes the Happy Hour Philosopher. He begins to unfold the tale of Rebecca, a woman in the seemingly envious position of marrying a wealthy celebrity. CJ learns of Rebecca's friends who congegate every night at the neighborhood pub called The Ship. This crew includes the womanizing priest Donovan, the hypocritical married cousin, Devan and Rebecca's best friend, the ever-shaggin waitress, Tracy. One dark and stormy night the group is infiltrated by a stranger named Philip who attemps to seduce Rebecca. Murray's lesson now begins to take on the trappings of an intricate romance novel. Each character in Rebecca's crew becoming a perfect example of a particular phase of adultery. Rebecca is finally lost to betrayal and lust when it is revealed that Philip was hired by her fiance to test her faithfulness. CJ is beginning to wonder if Murray's table is actually a message rather than a lesson. In the end, she finds that it was a warning. The same character, Philip, from Rebecca's story, has been sitting next to CJ, the entire night ready to lure her as well. But CJ catches Philip and Johnny at their own game and makes each of them pay.
В ролях
Diane Farr, Lubov Demchuk, Stuart McKinney, Lauren Bailey
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