Land of the Little People
Land of the Little People

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Year -
Director - Soumitra Ranade
Produced - Echelon
Duration ≈ 121 min
Following a horrific storm, Aditya awakens in the mysthical village of Shundi, in the deep corner of the Arabian Sea. Fearful and confused, Aditya soon discovers that he is ten times larger than the local population! The terrifield villagers view Aditya as a threat, and he now must convince his hosts that he comes in peace. However, there is danger on the island. Army chief Chattan Singh possesses a gigantic weapon that he intends to release on the village to overthrow the king. Aditya is suddenly faced with the prospect of losing his newfound friends and home if he cannot conquer the treacherous Singh...
Jaaved Jaffery, Gulshan Grover, Manav Kaul, Amarjeet Amle, Joy Fernandes
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