Jouet, Le (Igrushka) / Игрушка

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Year -
Director - Francis Veber
Produced - Renn Productions, EFVE, Fideline Films, Andrea Fil
Duration ≈ 90 min
Categories Comedy
While François, a journalist, is touring a big store for an article,He is chosen by the son of the owner, Rambal-Cochet, as his new toy. All afraid of the despotic industrialist who is also the newspaper's owner, François is forced to agree to this masquerade. At first, the journalist is incensed at being reduced to the status of a plaything. But then he realises what Eric’s real game is and he decides to play along./
Пьер Ришар, Мишель Буке, Фабрис Греко, Жак Франсуа, Даниэль Секкальди, Шарль Жерар, Мишель Омон, Сьюзи Дайсон, Жерар Жюньо, Мишель Робин
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