It Burns When I Laugh
It Burns When I Laugh

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Year -
Director - Ian Harris
Produced - Echelon
Duration ≈ 79 min
Categories Comedy
Cheryl Larsen is doing a documentary on stand-up comedy. Her subject, Rich Burns is a likable, up and coming young comedian. His opening act, Sean Payne is not. Rich and Sean have vastly different ideas about "maiking it" as a comedian. It Burns When I Laugh, follows Rich and Sean on the road, to document the life of an average comic trying to meke it. Rich and Sean may be average guys, but the barrage of people they meet at the comedy clubs and one-nighters are anything but: drunk fans, egotistical club owners, psychotic bartenders, ditsy waitresses, non-supportive relatives and trash talking newcomers. See what Backstage West called, "A cleverly funny comedy about the rigors of the stand-up comdy scene."
Chris Valenti, Ian Harris, Hope Royaltey, Michael Pace, Tom McGillan
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