Island of Gough
Island of Gough

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Year -
Director - Istvan Zimre, Andrej Reisser
Produced - Reiser-Zimre-Bilderberg Production
Duration ≈ 26 min
Categories Documentary
The Island of Gough lies halfway between South Africa and South America. It is the southern most point of the Atlantic Ridge, a huge chain of volcanic mountains that lie just below the surface of the sea floor and span half the earth. Gough belongs to the few island that are scattered throughout the artic region and because of its favorable climatic, sea mammals and sea birds alike migrate here year after year to mate and bring their young into the world. With the beginning of Spring, September/ October, the beaches swarm with bellowing fury seals, elegant pinguins and elephant seals, many weighing over a ton. A countless number of birds, including seagulls and the Albatros come here to nest above and below ground. The island, which is only 64 sq. kilometers is uninhabited although a handfull of people work in 6 month cycles here at the weather station.
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