Hu Die (Babochka) / Бабочка

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Year -
Director - Yan Yan Mak
Duration ≈ 129 min
Categories Drama
Flavia is a married high school teacher, who encounters free spirited female singer-songwriter Yip and strikes up a relationship with the younger girl. Flavia is a lesbian, but never can act like one because she was brought up in a society where homosexuality was not accepted. Now in her 30s and married with a child, she met Yip, a beautiful singer-songwriter. Flavia is deeply attracted by her carefree personality and bright spirit, she fell in love with Yip just like the first love she had in high school./
Ят Нинг Чан, Стефани Че, Жозефин Хо, Карл Ву, Йуан Тиан, Кеннет Цан, Полин Ям
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