Fersein's Gate
Fersein's Gate

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Year -
Director - Eric Campeau,Simon Tardif
Produced - Eric Campeau,Simon Tardif
Duration ≈ 88 min
Professor Francois Lacombe is an expert parapsychologist, a master in the art of demystifying the paranormal.For years he has traveled throughout the world looking for unexplained phenomenons.Now back from his travels Lacombe is assigned to a new investigation.It takes him to the Red Forest Research Center the scene of disturbing metaphysical agitations;visions, disappearence and murders. As he and his team begin their work the atmosphere intensifies and their primary objective is no longer the investigation...It is survival.
Mario Samson, Catherine Gauthier Campeau, Marie Eve Rousseau,Carl Gagnon,Emmanuel Vachon,Gilles Moffet
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