Fear Itself
Fear Itself

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Year -
Director - Kristian Alexander
Produced - Elisia Harkins
Duration ≈ 72 min
Categories Thriller
Five friends, living the best years of their lives.All they wanted was some fun and a few laughs.....at someone else's expense. "Fear Itself" follows a group of high school friends with a twisted sense of fun.Instead of studying, partying, and worrying about who to take to the prom, these teens get off on playing mean spirited pranks on anyone who crosses them.Soon, their appetitie for vengeance can not be satisfied by childish tricks alone.The group ups the ante by tailoring their pranks to prey on their victim's worst fear.But these friends aren't quiet ready to face the consequences their actions bring.The pranks take a dangerous turn, sending the group spiraling out of control. Now each of them will have to face their own worst fears if they want to live till graduation.When it comes to sheer terror, there is nothing to fear.......but FEAR ITSELF!
Neil Brown Jr.,Stephanie Chavara,Sarah McElligot,Shawn Procter,Mindy Anders
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