Exit 38
Exit 38

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Year -
Director - Dean george, Joel Franco
Produced - Stevie Dean,Dusty Dukatz, Dean George, Frank Hine
Duration ≈ 91 min
Categories Thriller
Lee Gray and Boyd Parker never intended on being partners.In fact these men wanted nothing to do with one another, but when an evil vampire is feasting on the blood of innocent girls, thay have no choice but to go on a mission to chase down the dangerous vampire and end his streak of terror. It will take the help of the Federal investigation Bureau and the direction of a chinese Master to find the evil vampire Mercer.They find him off of Exit38 at his current feeding ground, a gentlement's club in an unsuspecting town.Upon their arrival they learn that Mercer has taken captive the wife of Lee Gray and daughter of Boyd Parker. Can these adversaries join together to save the life of the one they love? Boyd and Grey find the ultimate evil off of Exit38 and the assignment they hoped they would never have.
Dean George,Stevie Dean, Joseph Kung, Josie Harris, Martin Kove, James Hong
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