Eight Lanes in Hamilton
Eight Lanes in Hamilton

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Director - Aslam Amlani
Produced - Echelon
Duration ≈ 88 min
Categories Action/Adventure Drama
"Eight Lanes of Hamilton" is the story of 17-year-old Billy, restless, impatient, and eager to get out of town. His town is in a remote, sleepy end of the Oregon-Washington border. His father Sandy left the family years ago, leaving Billy, his sister , and their mother to fend for themselves. Sandy returns and hides out with his buddy in the lounge of the local bowling alley. From there, with Billy's help, they hatch schemes to get some money together and leave town. It's everything Billy dreamed of, but the schemes are sleazy ones, and eventually he's forced to choose between his dream of escape at any price and the allegiance he owes to the people he loves and to himself. This is a movie about a time and a place, and about loyality, mainpulation, honor, and deceit in tradition of 'The Grifters", "The Wings of the Dove", and "The Last Picture Show".
Mickey Blaing, Joe J. Garcia
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