Dog Me: Potluck
Dog Me: Potluck

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Director - M. David Lee III
Produced - Echelon
Duration ≈ 103 min
Categories Comedy
Great food...Great friends...Great fun...Your invitations is in the mail! What happens when you take a hard working couple...Six of their best friends...Three aquantances...And a handful of quirky, unique individuals...Then ask them to cook their favorite dish and invite them to party? You get the perfect ingredients for a night to remember!
Christa Crowe, Shaun Green, Corie Mitchell, Christy Hamilton, Ramsey Bergeron, Bevan Bell, David Caffey, Suzanne Camilli, Eddie Cody, Kelly Green, Ruth Ellen Lynch, Glenda Pannell, Jason Perry, Forrest Pruett, Matt Reed, Carole F. Rowland, Jessica Scott, Darcy Thomas, Deidra L. Tolliver, Carol Ann Luke, and Tim Vetscher
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