Devil's Gate
Devil's Gate

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О фильме
Год -
Режиссер - Stuart St. Paul
Студия - Jean Heard
Продолжительность ≈ 96 мин
Категории Триллер
О фильме
Independent girl Rachael is tricked by the hard-headed Rafe, her former school-boy friend, into returning how to the remote island neighbourhood of Devils Gate where she grew up. Rachael had moved away to search for her mother who went missing many years ago now her father, Jake, is apparently dying, she reluctantantly goes back. Matt, a city boy who is passing through Devil's Gate, knows that Rachael has been tricked into returning and decides to stay and find out the truth. The trouble is, the truth in Devil's Gate is not what is seems. Not many people live in the remote town and those who leave will never be the same.
В ролях
Laura Fraiser , Callum Blue , Luke Aikman , Tom Bell
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