Daytona Bike Week Exposed
Daytona Bike Week Exposed

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Year -
Director - Dan Springen
Produced - W.V. , Brian Eickhoff
Duration ≈ 93 min
Categories Documentary
Our sexy host, Gen is a star in her own right her band.The Genitorturers, boasts a huge international following. she has been featured in the Washington Post, The LA Times, on HBO's "Real Sex" and on the Playboy Channel. Her persona is so strong that she influences fashion in Japan. Her sidekick "Wacky jacky"Malloy, is as hillarious as Gen is seductive.They are both talented performers with a flair for entertainment. Strap yourself in and get ready for a wild ride through Daytona,Florida's famous Bike Week.This fast-paced DVD gives you a front row seat at all events and concerts.
Gen , Wacky Jacky
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