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Year -
Director - Richard Poche
Produced - Richard Poche
Duration ≈ 85 min
Categories Documentary
This is the story of how the determined Roberto "The Rock"Ortega battles back from a career ending industrial injury for a chance to compete at the World Amateur Championships.Immigrating from Honduras to Canada as a teen.Ortega channels his rare passion and determination to overcome obstacles both in and out of the boxing ring. The New York Golden Gloves has been the birthplace of the several notable fighters;Now the talented Kristian"K-Smooth"Vasquez hopes to join the stellar company by winning his second consecutive New York Golden Gloves.Coming from a fighting family,Kristian gains added inspiration from his cousin Jay as they try to become the first cousions to win the Golden Gloves in the same years. "Corazon"takes you behind the scenes and in the locker room of the world of Amateur boxing at its most raw.The fighters chronicled in this documentry demonstrate how sometimes victory isn't earned through physical strength or superior skill, sometimes it is earned with"Corazon".
Roberto Ortega, Kristian Vasquez,Pat Barry,Rick Cadilha,Teddy Padilla,Louie Padilla.Jason Morales,Jerry Capobianco
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