Checking the Gate
Checking the Gate

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Year -
Director - Jess Thomas
Produced - Echelon
Duration ≈ 83 min
Categories Action/Adventure
Checking The Gate is a quirkly, romantic, action road adventure, with hot new music by The Red Elvises. Vladimir a mysterious Russian arrives in L.A. carrying a suitcase full of Al Queda money. His first stop in Boris', an old friend from The Orghanage. With some reservations, Boris agrees to help Vlad pursue his life-long dream: to learn filmmaking. On the set, Vlad meets a punky, young female writer, Kadie. All hell breaks loose when, Max and Alex good looking, young Russian twins, arrive. They beats Boris into submission, who tells them Vlad's where-abouts. Vlad soon realizes the jig is up but won't let go of his dream. While forcing Kadie, at gunpoint, to come with him, he paradoxically offers her $20,000 to write his life-story. Thus, begins the wild ride and the film's many twists and turns on the roads of Southern California, from Hollywood to the mountains.
Marc Cameron, Athena Demos, Ilya Gorovatsky, Boris Gorovatsky
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