Before Last Night
Before Last Night

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Year -
Director - Alexander Davidowski
Produced - Echelon
Duration ≈ 93 min
Categories Crime/Gangster
Writer/Director Alexander Davidowski takes us on a roller coaster ride into the dark depths of true life on the city streets. Eli (Tyson Hooser)is in need of some quick cash. At Shawn's (Elsa Bigelow). urging and in desperate need, he takes a job as a delivery boy for the Boss (Jimmie Jennings). On his first night out Eli is drugged by Tyler (Justin Weathers) and Eddie (Brad Harwood) and loses the delivery. Now he finds himself on the run from Tyler and Eddie, the Boss, and even the cops, as he tries to track down the package before he gets caught.
Tyson Hooser, Elsa Bigelow, Justin Weathers, Brad Harwood
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