BBC Motion Gallery: Creativity in Full Bloom
BBC Motion Gallery: Creativity in Full Bloom

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Country - United Kingdom
It happens with every dawn, and yet it is a dance rarely seen by the naked eye. Flowers awaken, springing to life in a ballet all their own. Sensual, poetic, almost magical, these difficult-to-capture images beautifully convey the poetry of nature. In this compelling showreel, BBC Motion Gallery unveils one of nature’s true visual delights. As one of the world’s most prolific and celebrated content resources, BBC Motion Gallery offers, quite literally, a world of footage. Featuring over 600,00 hours of hand-picked material from the BBC, as well as a vast selection of choice shots from some of the most respected footage archives in the world, BBC Motion Gallery is an unparalleled source of material. From individual clips to motion sequences to hundreds of ready-to-use short programmes, BBC Motion Gallery is the source of choice for those looking for unique, beautifully-produced motion imagery.
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