Barber Shop Jokes (Live in Chicago)
Barber Shop Jokes (Live in Chicago)

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О фильме
Режиссер - Mark Harris
Студия - Echelon
Продолжительность ≈ 70 мин
Категории Комедии
О фильме
Welcome to Chicago and brace yourself for a hilariious standup comedy show, that's not just some comedy show, but it's for sure to revolutionize where comedy shows are being held. Barber Shop Jokes takes us, yes, into a real barbershop on the South side of Chicago where four comedians that re sonn to be household names perform their standup material in front of a live audience. This has never been done before! Mark Harris (Why Men Cheat) has reached deep within the Earth's atmosphere to pull out Barber Shop Jokes, a comedy show that's not just some comedy show, but gives us four of Chicago most funniest, wll-known, make you grab your stomach and smack yo'mama comedic performances that's going to be the talk on everyone's lips across the globe.
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BLT, Reggie Reg, Ill Willi, Bald Head
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