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Черное и белое
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Title - Черное и белое

Year - 1933

Duration - 00:02:41

Produced By - Mezhrabpomfilm / Межрабпомфильм

Director - Ivan Ivanov-Vano and L. Amalrik

Category - Cartoons

Language - English, Russian

О фильме
Based on “Black and White,” a poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky. Mayakovsky is often called the loudspeaker of the Bolshevik Revolution. Yet he was also a most talented poet, whose works are widely quoted even today. The animation in “Black and White” is based on his drawings. In 1922, Mayakovsky received special permission to travel to America. En route he stopped in Cuba where Americans controlled the sugar and tobacco industries. “Black and White” tells the story of Willie, the shoe shine boy, who makes the fatal mistake of asking the White Sugar King Mister Bragg, “Why should white sugar be made by a black man?” Only fragments of the film were found, without restorable sound. It was decided to underscore the fragments with excerpts from “Sometimes I feel like a Motherless Child,” recorded by Paul Robeson in 1949 at the Tchaikovsky Theatre in Moscow. The son of an American slave, Robeson was an athlete, actor, singer, cultural scholar, author, and political activist. He spoke fluent Russian. In 1952 Robeson was awarded the Stalin Peace Prize. He translated the Soviet national anthem into English. Oleg Vidov( actor/producer):“The Soviet propaganda machine glorified Robeson almost as an achievement of the International Revolution. But for the Soviet people who attended his concerts or heard him on radio, he was a good friend from America, the country which helped us to defeat the Nazis. During a time of oppression and Stalin terror, here came this good-spirited, free person from the United States. Unlike us, he could travel freely and bring us songs in English. He also taught us to sing ‘Ole Man River’ in Russian.

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01.01.2009 16:46:38

Это старый политический мультик, который неплохо бы поместить в какой-либо другой раздел. Типа "Недетские мультфильмы".